Waldau Family 


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Christina Brunke Waldau

Judging by records on Ancestry.com, this branch of the Waldau family came to the US from Germany, from the area variously reported in the census as  Prussia, Dresden, Braunsweig, or Brunswick.  Heinrich Waldau came to the States in 1867.  In 1869, Christina arrived on the ship "Herman," with children Lena, Elise, Herman and Hugo. 

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Heinrich von Waldau


This picture is of Elise with family at her mother's home in Yonkers.  On the porch are Christina Brunke Waldau and her brother Henry Brunke (with his dog Porthos). Judging by children's ages, it was taken in early 1890's.  (Christina B. Waldau died in 1894.)



Hugo Waldo, Sr.  It seems strange to call this little boy "Sr." but ultimately, that's what he was, as he named his own son Hugo Jr.


Herman was a member of the Grau Opera Company.


Christina Brunke Waldau entertains Marie Kiralfy and Elise.



I have very little information about the Waldau family, and would appreciate any input. I have information about those first two generations - Heinrich and Christina, and their children Lena, Elise, Herman and Hugo - but after that it gets scrambled.  The children named all their own children the same family names (several Hermans, Henrys, Hugos, Ediths, Lenas, and Louises).

Several Waldaus are buried in the Breslau Cemetery in Lindenhurst, Long Island.