Kiralfy Productions

(The poster dates on this page come from the copyright dates on the posters, info from the Library of Congress Performing Arts Poster Collection).

This is the earliest Kiralfy poster I've found, from 1873.  Haniola was evidently the star, Imre and Bolossy hard to tell apart (but distinguishable), Katie and Emily still performing.  (The sisters left the stage in the mid-1870's when they married).

KiralfyDancers1873.jpg (166209 bytes)

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In the early 1870's, the Kiralfys went from "merely" performing to producing their own Grand Spectacles.  (There were many more than these - these are just the posters still available).  

Keep in mind the scale of all these productions and then look at the dates - they kept up a feverish pace!

Paradise Lost, London, 1873

ParadiseLostLondon1873.jpg (149207 bytes)

Around the Word in 80 Days, Niblo's Garden (New York), 1877.

Niblo1877.jpg (55061 bytes)

Around the World in 80 Days, Boston, 1882.

AroundBos1882.jpg (129002 bytes)AroundBos1882-2.jpg (148624 bytes)AroundBos1882-3.jpg (136921 bytes)

Black Crook, Boston, 1882.

BlackCrookBoston1882.jpg (147867 bytes)BlackCrookBoston1882-2.jpg (148055 bytes)

Michael Strogoff, Boston, 1882

StrogoffBoston1882.jpg (136662 bytes)StrogoffBoston1882-2.jpg (114174 bytes)StrogoffBoston1882-3.jpg (131125 bytes)

Excelsior, NY, 1883

ExcelsiorBos1883.jpg (114629 bytes)ExcelsiorBos1883-2.jpg (132407 bytes)ExcelsiorBos1883-3.jpg (102219 bytes)ExcelsiorBos1883-4.jpg (121131 bytes)ExcelsiorBos1883-5.jpg (112162 bytes)

Sieba and the 7 Ravens, NY, 1884

SiebaNY1884.jpg (141209 bytes)

Around the World in 80 Days, Chicago, 1885

KiralfyMcVickers1885.jpg (32646 bytes)

The Ratcatcher, Chicago, 1885

Ratcatcher1885.jpg (37221 bytes)

Black Crook, NY, 1886

BlackCrookNY1886.jpg (146004 bytes)

Enchantment, NY, 1886

EnchantmentNY1886.jpg (159110 bytes)

(After the breakup of Imre and Bolossy, the posters below are Bolossy productions)

Dolores, NY, 1887 (Paris, 1887; Boston 1888)

DoloresNY1887.jpg (121719 bytes)DoloresNY1887-2.jpg (129308 bytes)DoloresNY1887-3.jpg (165511 bytes)DoloresParis1887.jpg (172251 bytes)DoloresBoston1888.jpg (1604598 bytes)

Seige of Troy, NY, 1887

Troy.jpg (140651 bytes)

Mathias Sandorf, NY, 1888

sandorf1888.jpg (60705 bytes)

Savage South Africa, 1903

The Orient (date unknown?)

BolossyPoster.jpg (16241 bytes)