Imre Kiralfy

(The genealogical details (names and dates) are thanks to Jean Kiralfy Kent, who has done loads of research and contacted many family members.)

(Since there's recently been discussion of Imre and Royalty, I'm posting my Imre pictures below, even though I haven't yet organized this page properly.  I'll adjust it and add to it later (I have some casual pictures of Imre on visits to NY) but in the meantime, herewith Imre and Royalty...)


I believe all these pictures to be from the King of England's review of the Opening of the White City in London in 1908.


I'm indebted to Fred Owen for this picture which actually has the names of the participants!  Much more information than I ever had!  Click through for a better view.


In the Stadium.

The King and Queen of England.


Imre in formal pose.

Imre on shipboard on one of his many voyages to the States.

I don't know what fabulous Order Imre is wearing, but Jean Kiralfy Kent found the following reference, so perhaps it's that?  I'm happy to be corrected if Imre received many fancy Orders and someone can identify this one.

December 3, 1910. King of Portugal confers on Imre Kiralfy the Order of Knight Commander of Our Lady of the Conception of Villa Vicosa, in recognition of services in organizing exhibitions.

The White City in London, site of the Franco-British Exhibition of 1908.


Information about Imre Kiralfy's mausoleum at Greenwood Cemetery on Long Island:

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