Henry Kiralfy

Henry was most often called Harry (I knew him as "Uncle Harry") and so that is mostly how he referred to in this article.  HenryKiralfy-5.jpg (213862 bytes)

I think that Henry Kiralfy’s middle name was originally Bolossy – I have a photo of him as a young boy with the inscription “Harry Bolossy Kiralfy” and a program from a performance he was in in 1894, listing him as “Mr. H.B. Kiralfy.”  I believe that after the divorce of Bolossy and Elise, he changed his middle name to Waldau, after his mother’s father Heinrich (Henry) Waldau. 

If the dates for baby Henrietta are correct, then Henry was a twin, lucky to survive the yellow fever epidemic of 1879.  Harry attended Columbia University, where he was active on the football team, in a student theatre production where he appeared in drag (we’ve got the photo), and became a lawyer in 1900.  He became a partner with David Koch in the law firm of Kiralfy and Koch, at 400 Madison Avenue, NY.  In 1903 or 1904 Harry married Belle Guile.  The only story I’ve heard about her was that she was terrified to meet the “famous” Mrs. Kiralfy, but was relieved when Elise was kind to her.  Unfortunately, the only other piece of info that has lasted the ages is that Belle was considered “inappropriate,” rather “fancy,” and the marriage didn’t last.  Daughter Dorothy (Dotty) was born in September, 1904.  Harry and Belle ultimately divorced in November 1917 and Dotty remained with Belle.  Harry married Debora Davies in 1918; Debora was born in Plymouth, England. Her father was Mark Davies; her mother was Jane Wall.  Harry and Debora remained married until her death in 1948.  Harry continued as a lawyer and one day one of his elderly clients with whom he was friendly said, “we’re two lonely old people – why don’t we get married?”  He agreed.  But they had to do it quickly because she wanted to get married before her 70th birthday!  Magdalene (Aunt Maddy) was born in 1879 so they must have gotten married in early 1949.

Harry retired in March, 1954 and he and Maddy moved to Florida, or at least spent a considerable amount of time there.  As they aged, they decided to move into the Masonic Home in Utica, NY.  Harry died in 1969, age 91.  Maddy lived to the ripe old age of 98! 

Notes for Henry (Harry) Bolossy Waldau Kiralfy (son of Bolossy and Elise):

Henry was born June 18, 1878 in New York and died November 1969 in Utica, NY.    He married (1) Isabel (“Belle”) Guile, b.1881, (2) Deborah Davies (“Auntie Deb”), b. 1885, in Plymouth, England; d. January 19, 1948 in NY, (3) Magdalene ___(?) (“Aunt Maddy”), b. September 14, 1879; d. May 9, 1977 in Utica, NY.

Child of Henry Waldau Kiralfy and Belle Guile is:

Dorothy Isabel Kiralfy, b. September 22, 1904; d. January 13, 1997. (Cousin Dotty)