Grace Elise Kiralfy

Grace grew up traveling with her family as Bolossy traveled the world for shows.  At the time of the divorce of Bolossy and Elise, Grace was 19.  Brother Henry helped her get a job as secretary at a respectable law firm, but she came home after one day in tears – it was too humiliating to work; she had been brought up to be a lady.  The 1910 census sees her listed as a music teacher, still living with the family (step-father William Lowitz, mother Elise, sister Edith).  Sometime in the next few years she visited her cousins (Imre’s children) in London, and fell in love with her cousin Harold.  Harold was the “baby” of the family and didn’t have a job.  The only quote I’ve heard about him was that he said, “It’s a poor family that can’t afford one ‘Sport’!”  I’m not sure if Grace ever returned to the States.  She remained in faithful correspondence with her sister Edith, and sent lots of pictures of her 5 children.  She died in 1956.

(When I get my scanner working, I have lots of beautiful photos of Grace and of Grace's family growing up.)

Grace Photos

Notes for Grace Kiralfy:

Grace Elise Kiralfy, b. August 1880, New York; d. 1956, London.

Children of Grace Kiralfy and Harold Kiralfy:
    Victor Arthur Kiralfy, b. 1914
    Elise Victoria Marie Kiralfy, b. 1915; m. William WF Wratten
    Charles Wilson Gerald Kiralfy, b. 1918; d. 1952
    Harold Graham Kiralfy, b.22 November 1921, d. 4 July, 2006
    Geoffrey Vernon Kiralfy, b. 1923