Edith Rosalind Kiralfy Norris


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"A very merry Christmas to dear Aunty Louise from 
Edith, Grace and Harry Kiralfy"
I am guessing that "Aunty Louise" is Louise Waldau, the wife of Elise's brother Hugo Waldau.

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With sister Grace.

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At home in NY in Washington Square townhouse.

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Edith with her kindergarten class of handicapped children at the Hospital for Ruptured and Crippled

Here you can see many of the children with braces or in beds.

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Grace and Edith with a visitor (I can't tell who it is).

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"To my old friend George from Edgar S. Kiralfy.

To George with very best regards from one of the trio - Edith.

To George with kind remembrances from Grace."

Since George and Edith met in 1908 and were married in 1914, I assume this photo is from sometime between those years.  A visit from cousin Edgar (son of Imre).

Enlarge this picture to take a look at the bathing suits of the day.  Oh my!  

I don't recognize the two men on the left (any input appreciated!).  In the middle is Elise, Edith in front next to fiancÚ George Norris, and Grace in the back.

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Grace and Edith in the garden.  I think this must be at Waldau house in Yonkers.

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Grace, Elise and Edith in the garden.

This is Edith's family in about 1925.  Husband George, and daughters Marianna and Grace.  It is not the most flattering photo of the family, as they were all much more cheerful than they appear here!  But it's the only "formal" family photo I have.

EdithKiralfyNorris.jpg (106864 bytes)This is grandma as I remember her (though this is actually probably before my time).  I believe this was on a visit to Uncle Harry (her brother) in Florida in the late 50's or early 60's..

  Edith-at-Mausoleum039.jpg (312709 bytes)This is a photo of Edith at her Uncle Imre's mausoleum in Greenlawn Cemetery on Long Island.  Imre descendent Graham Owen has an interesting website recounting his visit to the mausoleum in 2006.