The Kiralfy family came to the US in 1869 to perform in Hiccory Diccory Dock.  The 1870 census lists the whole family, including parents Jacob and Rosa, living in Brooklyn.

These pages are about one little corner of the Kiralfy family, the descendents of Bolossy and Elise (and their interactions with other members of the broader family).  It is not meant to be comprehensive, as I don't have direct knowledge of anything but what my grandma told me, but both Bolossy and Imre wrote autobiographies, and a cousin, Jean Kiralfy Kent, has done extensive genealogical research and has reconnected many far-flung members of the family.  

Through these pages I hope to share what knowledge I have, and perhaps hear from distant relatives who might have information to share.  In particular, since I have so many antique photos of other family members (passed down through the generations from the days when cousins were not so distant), I hope to find photos of my own mother and grandmother that I've never seen.

Some people are not yet mentioned because I don't want to write about living people without their permission, but I wanted to at least get a head start on getting SOME information online.  This is a work-in-progress at the very earliest stages and I appreciate any input you might have.  Feel free to drop me a line at allegrazz@aol.com.


More information:

Bolossy Kiralfy , Creator of Great Musical Spectacles : An Autobiography, edited by Barbara M. Barker, published by UMI Research Press in 1988.  Evidently out of print now, but still available through rare book dealers.

Imre Kiralfy Reminiscences 1909 Strand Magazine.